Happy New Year! There is no Celebration Assembly on Friday 5th January. The assemblies will resume with the Wrens (Y1 & 2) on Friday 12th January at 3pm.
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Special Educational Needs Information

Identifying that your child has an additional need or Special Educational Need or Disability can be a challenging and emotional time. Effective communication between school and home is essential at this time, in order to secure the best outcomes for your child.


If you are concerned that your child may have an additional need, in the first instance you should speak to your child's class teacher. At this stage you can discuss your concerns and share strategies. As a result of this initial meeting the class teacher will disseminate your concerns to the team of adults in your child's class setting and will observe your child more closely. 


After this initial meeting it is advisable for a second meeting to be arranged between parent and class teacher within 2-4 weeks. At this stage both parent and class teacher can discuss the impact that any changes have made, can share their observations and decide upon any actions.


If after speaking to your child's class teacher it is decided that your child needs additional support either from school or other agencies then a meeting will be arranged between myself, teacher and parents to facilitate this.


Our SEN Information Report and School Offer, linking to the Local Offer and our Special Educational Needs and Disability policy, can be found by clicking the links below.  They will provide more detailed information about the support which school can offer. 


Mrs Louise Anyan


SEND Policy February, 2016