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Parents and carers guide to our Reception lessons

A quick guide for parents and carers about our Reception lessons. New Reception lessons are uploaded every week day at 9am.

Parent and carers guide to pronouncing phonemes

Letters and Sounds for home and school guide for pronouncing phonemes.Watch to find out how to pronounce the sounds we use in the lesson videos.New Phonics l...



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The video below provides a demonstration of how to correctly articulate the 42 letter sounds, in the order in which they are taught.

Here is a list of the associated actions for each sound:

Terms to help you with Phonics:

Phoneme - The smallest unit of sound. There are approximately 44 phonemes in English (it depends on different accents). Phonemes can be put together to make words. e.g c a t

Grapheme - A way of writing down a phoneme. Graphemes can be made up from 1 letter e.g. p, 2 letters e.g. sh, 3 letters e.g. tch or 4 letters e.g ough.

Oral Blending - This involves hearing phonemes and being able to merge them together to make a word. Children need to develop this skill before they will be able to blend written words.

Blending- This involves looking at a written word, looking at each grapheme and trying to work out which phoneme each grapheme represents and then merging these phonemes together to make a word. This is the basis of reading.

Oral Segmenting - This is the act hearing a whole word and then splitting it up into the phonemes that make it. Children need to develop this skill before they will be able to segment words to spell them.

Segmenting - This involves hearing a word, splitting it up into the phonemes that make it and working out which graphemes represent those phonemes and then writing those graphemes down in the right order. This is the basis of spelling.

Parental Tips for Helping with Phonics:

- Make it fun—Play hide and seek with objects or hunt for letters when out & about

- Write letters while in the bath

- Make letters from sticks, stone or paint them with water

- Spot letters in books and move forwards to identify words

-Make sure you pronounce the sounds correctly!