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Hummingbirds (Reception): Archive 2017 - 2018

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) explained:

Welcome to our Summer Term

Our School Trip to:

Uncle Henry's 

The children  had a super time at Uncle Henry's from exploring how to make sausages to going on forest walks. 

Art Corner

The children have been very busy creating their very own versions of Matisse's Snail out of 2D shapes.

Whole school music afternoon

The Children were treated to an afternoon of Jazz Music!



Still image for this video

Plant Life Cycle


A Royal Wedding Celebration (High Tea)


The children were initially exploring the life cycle of cress but this soon turned into something more!  A Royal High Tea affair! The children wanted to join in with the Royal Wedding celebrations,  so they decided they wanted to create a menu of 'Cucumber and Cress' and 'Egg and Cress' sandwiches...with the crust cut off and presented in triangles!  They were all very vocal and loved their class gathering.

Enhanced Provision opportunities

What a great start to the new term!  The children have enjoyed the visiting lambs, embraced child initiated time, investigated living things: planting seeds and explored Shape, Space and Measure activities.

Exploring traditional tales

This week the children have been extremely busy in their play!

They have especially enjoyed Goldilocks' Porridge making and tasting!

Exploration time!

This afternoon the children have loved playing in the sand, making potions and exploring some new equipment. 

Spring Term 2018

The children have worked really hard this term and have had lots of fun exploring

their environment, new concepts and their imaginations!

 World Book Day

Today the children took part in the World Book Day celebrations.  The children’s costumes were amazing! 



 Easter Celebrations

The children have thoroughly enjoyed and embraced all aspects of the Easter preparations.  This included learning about the meaning of Easter, creating Easter Cards, making Easter treats, tasting hot cross buns to taking part in the Easter assembly and the Easter bonnet parade.

Science Week


During our Science week, the children were very intrigued to investigate which area would melt their ‘Ice sparkly potions’ the quickest (inside, outside or in the fridge).  They were very methodical in preparing their ice potions, predicting and analysing their results. 

The Great Bread Bake Off

The children’s baking skills are coming on a treat!  There were lots of discussions about why the bread buns rose.   They also loved tasting their baked bread buns after they had cooled!


Mother’s Day card creations

For this special occasion, the children loved getting messy and creating their cards

and handprint poems/photos.

Enhanced Provision

Inside & Outside Learning

Literacy and Mathematical Development


Through a combination of Child Initiated and Adult led activities the children have enjoyed lots of opportunities to practise their Literacy Skills (Writing) and Mathematical Development skills (Number/Shape Space and Measure).



Baking Day!


Today the children worked together to bake the ultimate ‘Fairy Cake.’ 

They learnt how to weigh, make comparisons, mix ingredients, sieve flour, fill fairy cake cases and decorate their cakes...oh and they learnt to use their senses to help them judge their cakes!

Nature Walk

This morning the children were eager to explore their environment to find evidence of spring!

They were especially excited to discover young shoots peeping out of the ground.

They were also intrigued to find mini beasts under leaves and twigs.  There was a lot of enthusiasm to explore their discoveries further.

Indian Dance Experience


During the day we were very privileged to experience authentic Indian dancing.

The children thought it was wonderful as they experimented with the different actions and moves.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Year Of The Dog


The children have been extremely busy having fun during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

To celebrate the children created Chinese Lanterns, Chinese food plates, turned our home corner into a Chinese restaurant, watched clips of firework displays and created a Chinese dragon dance to name but a few activities!


The children also wanted to carryout a Chinese food tasting investigation.  They used their senses to make judgements about each dish.  The children especially liked the noodles!

There was a lot of interesting expressions being displayed!

Snow Day Fun!


We all awoke to find a blanket of soft fluffy snow and of course at break time there was only one thing to do…have FUN!


Some children were very inventive in their snow play!  The Hummingbirds thought it was great fun to make snowmen, tracks, snow faces on trees…some even found different ways of travelling along the snow. 

Enhanced Provision

Outside Learning

The children's imaginations have taken them on many adventures.


Celebration assembly


In the afternoon the children showed off their Yoga techniques to the school and parents which they had learnt in Janey's Jivers.



An alien landing?


This morning something very mysterious happened...Mrs Smith went out to the shed and spotted some very strange things lying around on the ground and in the trees. The children concluded that maybe aliens had crash landed, leaving a trail of items all over the place! We are keeping our eyes and ears peeled for anything else that may happen...

Alien Art


After the alien crash landing investigations there was only one thing to do…imagine what the aliens looked like!

The children had fun creating their own aliens and even named them. 

Many imagined that the aliens had come from the moon!