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Our Mission Statement, Vision and Values


Our school is a happy school in which learning has no limits and our holistic approach encourages individuality and talents to flourish. When our pupils move onto the next phase of their education they are confident, resilient and ready to conquer the world!



The children at Donington on Bain are nurtured and valued for their own uniqueness. Our school’s aim is to inspire every child to be the best person they can possibly be: Academically; Spiritually; Morally; Socially and Culturally.

We are situated in the heart of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds and celebrate our rural setting by using it wherever possible in our learning and play. We use the environment to teach problem solving, endurance and risk taking through our bespoke Nature School programme. Pupils learn about their natural surroundings by being immersed in the school grounds and countryside which surrounds us. Our outdoor facilities including the outdoor classroom enrich the children’s experiences further.

We also recognise the need to broaden the children’s knowledge of a world beyond Donington on Bain. Class trips to a variety of destinations help towards this as well as developing an awareness of other cultures through our curriculum.

We are part of a community both within Donington on Bain and beyond. The Preschool moved to the school site in 2013 and this has led to an even closer relationship with the youngest members of our community. We also have links with the local church and the parish council. Our parents are valued partners. They support their child at home with their learning and are the most important element in shaping how they grow as individuals. Our parents also support our school through FoDoBS (Friends of Donington on Bain Primary School) and organise many events which provide additional funds for the school as well as providing the opportunity to meet and socialise with the families who choose to come to our school.



We recognise that every child has their own unique personality, talents and skills which we have been given the opportunity to nurture and inspire.

Our vision is to inspire every child to achieve to the best of their abilities; both academically and personally. We strive to ensure that every child has the opportunity to excel whilst on their learning journey at our school. We will foster in each child an appreciation of the natural environment and how they can help towards improving and sustaining it.



We actively promote British Values throughout our school. These values are;

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

These values underpin all that we do and form a focus for each year group to focus upon. By the time the children have left the school they have focused upon all of the following; friendship; forgiveness; trust and honesty; endurance; hope; respect; compassion; justice; peace; humility and courage.

Each class has a set of rules which link to these values. It is understood that whilst a reception child may not be expected to have the emotional maturity to adhere to the rules set by the older children, there is no exception when it comes to older children adhering to the rules set by younger children.


British Value

School value





Year 1



Mutual respect Tolerance





Friendship and Forgiveness

  • To treat others how we would want to be treated.
  • To always think about how our actions make others feel.


  • To always say sorry if we break the friendship rules (on purpose or accidently).
  • To always forgive our friends when they are sorry.




Year 2

Year 3

Year 4



The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs




Trust and Honesty


Endurance and Hope


Respect and Compassion

  • To always tell the truth and be honest.
  • To never ask or expect anyone to lie for us.


  • To keep going even when the going gets tough.
  • To never say ‘never’ but look for a way to make ‘it’ happen.


  • To understand the differences are what make us unique and special.
  • To recognise the suffering of others and seek to do something about it. 



Year 5

Year 6


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs



Justice and Peace


Humility and Courage

  • To ensure to be fair in all we do.
  • To stand up against injustice when it appears.


  • To have the courage to follow the right path even when others don’t.
  • To recognise that each individual is unique and no one person is more important than another.
  • To be the change you want to see.