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Outdoor Learning at DoB

Outdoor Learning (Nature School) at Donington on Bain Primary School

What is Nature School? 

Nature School is how we encourage our pupils to interact and learn from the outdoor environment. At Donington on Bain Primary,  we are lucky enough to have our own woodland setting on site. Children in Year 1 and 2 take part in Nature School once a week. Throughout the year, children in other year groups also get to experience the outdoor classroom.


Why learn outdoors?

Learning outdoors helps to develop;

· confidence and self esteem;

· communication and social skills;

· physical skills;

· greater understanding and awareness of the natural environment;

· natural motivation and a positive attitude to learning;

· the ability to recognise and manage risk;

· healthier lifestyles.

Does Nature School still go ahead in bad weather?

It is the intention to do Nature School whatever the weather. If it is particularly cold, wet or windy sessions might be shortened or activities changed. As long as the children are dressed in warm layers and have their waterproofs on they shouldn’t get cold. Please look at the weather and dress your child appropriately. We do also have waterproofs at school for the children to borrow.


It is better to be too warm and take layers off than be too cold!

Who leads Nature School?

Mrs Nicki Smith leads Nature School and is also a Teaching Assistant at our school. Nicki first became interested in outdoor learning when she worked alongside a qualified Forest School leader for three years at Donington on Bain Primary. She has also attended additional training and continues to add to her qualifications through accredited providers. She is fully trained in paediatric first aid. Nicki is full of enthusiasm and is looking forward to developing Nature School from Reception through to Y6!