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Emotional Support and Pupil Well-Being (ELSA)

It is possible that your child may have some emotional needs, that cannot be met by the class teacher or TA, during their time at Donington on Bain.  If this is the case, one of the school’s ELSAs may be asked to work with your child. There are several ways a child might be referred to one of the school’s ELSAs, which are:

  • Referral from class teacher
  • Referral from parent / carer
  • Request or contact from the child themselves


If your child has been identified as needing ELSA support, Miss Goy or Mrs Money will support your child outside of their normal lessons using either one to one or small group work.  A block of support would typically be six sessions and would normally have a desired outcome. After this time, needs would be assessed, and a decision made about whether further support is needed. Occasionally, school staff or the ELSA might feel that your child needs more specialist external support and they would signpost you to the right professional.


If we feel that your child would benefit from some ELSA support, we will always let you know before work begins and update you on the outcome of the intervention. If you would like to talk about your child’s emotional needs or have any questions at all, please contact either:

Mrs Money, Miss Goy, Mrs Gascoigne (SENCO) or your child’s teacher.




Donington on Bain Primary School ELSA Certificate